About Us

Advantages Online Private School was founded in 2007 with a mission to deliver exceptional curriculum to a “classroom without walls.” This unique and comprehensive learning platform assists students in achieving their educational goals. Due to the all online, no text book format, Advantages has a global reach with enrollment in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Russia and Ukraine. Advantages offers more than 300 courses for K-12 (general curriculum, core and honors); advanced placement; SAT/ACT preparation; GED; non-traditional courses including video game design, personal finance, driver’s education; high-tech electives and credit recovery.

Middle and high school students enroll in Advantages Online Private School to achieve their academic goals.
Our students:
“I want to get my high school diploma faster.”
“My parents relocated for work.”
“I’m sick of the social pressure at my school.”
“I wanted to take more fun electives at school, so I used Advantages to satisfy my school requirements during my off hours.”
‘The SAT test prep course raised my test score!”
“Home school is not for me, but neither is a regular classroom.
Advantages gives me access to teachers that I connect with from home.”
“I am living overseas and want to make sure my school work transfers to college when I return to the states.”
“My school doesn’t offer AP courses.”
“I had to repeat algebra readiness, and didn’t want to take it with the younger students at school.”
“I ski competitively during the winter, but I want to be ready for college when the time comes.”
“I am an actress. Advantages allows me to keep up with my studies since I can’t be in a regular classroom.”
“I needed foreign language courses for college.”
“I was able to complete credit recovery during summer, while I was on vacation!”

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