College Prep Corner: Perfect time to Click Forward on SAT/ACT online prep course

The college application process is well on its way for the seniors and gaining momentum for the juniors!! What does all this mean…more stress…more questions… more excitement?! YES indeed! Advantages provides help on your time…at your pace!

Although many factors are considered when students apply to college, the two most powerful components of the college application are the transcript of their four years in high school and the SAT or ACT scores.

Transcripts and SAT/ACT scores are both inalterable records. Students are currently in a competitive market to get into their top college choices. This is where Advantages helps to arm students with opportunities to strengthen BOTH of these areas.

The ease of taking our ONLINE PREP courses for the SAT/ACT helps students with full schedules to take advantage of preparing for the standardized exams by practicing and learning specific techniques to RAISE their scores by at least 200 points!

Interestingly enough, even though the SAT/ACT provides a single standard to rate students from many different locations, the transcript is often more weighty in the college application package because it is a record of how a student has performed over a four-year period. Colleges evaluate the type of classes the student enrolled in and how well they did in those courses. At Advantages, we provide students the opportunity to enroll in HONORS and Advanced Placement courses online to significantly help them have the edge to remain competitive in the process.

We are excited to offer students these effective tools to help them achieve their goals of getting into their top college choices. The time is now to enroll online for the SAT/ACT prep classes to ensure that you are ready for the next test date in 2009.

Students can take classes concurrently with their local school schedule. All classes are online and taught with individualized instruction. Be Advantaged today and excel with more options to remain competitive.

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