The Economic Advantages of a Distance Learning Private School

In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs.   In many cases, families are willing to sacrifice quality to save money or are willing to do without.  However, this does not extend to our children’s education.  We want to provide the best education we can for our children. In some cases, the “best” education may come from a private school, and in others, it might mean homeschooling.

So, what are the differences between homeschooling and a distance learning private school?

First, is the official recognition and accreditation that distance learning programs have. In homeschooling, it’s the capable and devoted parents that determine the curriculum, teach the course, grade the work, and develop transcripts. With a distance learning private school, curriculum is developed by professionals and evaluated by accrediting agencies to guarantee that the curriculum is in line with local, state, and federal academic standards.  Enrolling your children in an accredited distance learning program means you’ll never have to worry about colleges accepting classes, or questioning the accuracy of transcripts.

Second, is that a distance learning private school, such as Advantages Online Private School, provides its students with individualized instructional programs based on each child’s specific needs. Many times, students struggle to understand complex concepts, and as parents, we sometimes find it difficult to explain or help our children in these circumstances. With the help of a distance learning private school, students have access to a variety of different teachers and to numerous programs that will assist in the learning process.

But what about a combination of these two options—combining private school and home schooling?  What about maximizing the benefits of both by enrolling your children in a private distance learning school?

Perhaps combining private school with home schooling is the optimum choice for your family.

Private distance learning schools offer a less expensive private school alternative.  Tuition at most private schools is very expensive and can compare in cost to sending your children to college.  However, tuition at a distance learning private school costs only a fraction of the tuition of a bricks and mortar local counterpart.  Plus, there are no hidden/extra/surprise costs such as student body cards, lab costs, etc (your costs at a distance private school is all inclusive).

By choosing a distance learning private school, you also avoid the “oops” costs—those expensive mistakes of purchasing textbooks and workbooks that aren’t quite adequate or what you expected.  When this occurs, not only do you have the cost of the original purchase, but then the replacement purchase as well.  How many times have you purchased a curriculum or a textbook only to find that it’s not quite what you expected?

Your time is money—whether you work outside the home or work full time within your home. Your time developing a teaching strategy, pouring over curriculum options, trying to figure out how to provide a report card and diploma, etc., is no longer an issue.  You are homeschooling, but turning this portion of it over to the staff at the private school.  In essence, letting the experts handle it for you.  This works well for many parents that just don’t feel qualified to teach certain subjects or don’t feel qualified to do it all on their own. The Advantages

When it comes to Homeschooling, the ability to provide a caring, comfortable, and positive environment is second nature to Advantages Online Private School.  Advantages Online Private School understands and works directly with homeschooling parents to ensure that all students receive a top notch education.

Still, you might be thinking, in this economy, how can I afford to give my children a private school education, where my children will be supplied with a curriculum that is accepted by traditional high schools and colleges and meets or exceeds state and national standards,  where my children will be provided with  highly qualified teachers (all teachers are licensed and have at least 10 years of experience or a Master’s degree), and where my children and I will have quick access to the school’s administration ?  Advantages Online Private School helps you afford a distance private school education by providing tuition payment plans and unlimited enrollment in courses, thus allowing your students to take as many courses as they’d like without paying any additional fees.

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