The world of education is changing

The world of education is changing. At a recent national Superintendent’s conference, the keynote speaker was author Clayton Christensen, who wrote Disrupting Class. This book discusses the changes in the way the world learns, and how the next round of innovation in school reform will involve computers and technology. Online schools and programs like Advantages, can completely individualize a student’s education, serving them full time or on a supplemental basis. The fact that Mr. Christensen was a presenter at a conference for traditional, brick and mortar schools, speaks volumes about the growth and acceptance of online education. The future is now.

We invite you to learn more about Advantages Online Private School. We have been selected as a school of choice to be featured on Life and Leisure television on the Bravo Network. We are being showcased this summer on the series as it explores current educational issues and how Advantages meets those needs. The press release is below.

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