Frequently Asked Questions

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All Courses are rooted in the National Academic Content Standards. A side-by-side alignment of any states' standards will demonstrate the most congruous alignment available in a Virtual Curriculum.

Are online high schools accredited like traditional high schools?

A: Yes. Accreditations are through the regional accreditation agencies. There are six regional accreditation agencies that are highly regarded in secondary education. Other agencies are not as widely accepted. To ensure an online high school has the highest accreditation, go to the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Is accreditation important?

A: Yes. Accreditation protects the students by ensuring that the education/diploma they are receiving is accepted by colleges and employers.

Who is Advantages accredited by?

A: Advantages has received accreditation from the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS). The NAAS is one of the six regional accrediting agencies recognized by the USDE and CHEA. Advantages has also received candidacy for The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), and NCAA.

How do I find out if an online school is accredited?

A: Visit the United States Department of Education (USDE) as well as the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) websites and search for the school.

If I enroll at Advantages will my credits transfer and I will be accepted into a university or college?

A: Yes. Advantages is accredited by one of the top six regional commissions.

What grade levels do you offer?

A: Advantages Online Private School offers comprehensive K-12 curriculum with high school honors, advanced placement courses, world languages, test prep, and electives.

Who are Advantages students?

A: Advantages proudly serves students worldwide.  School age children who by decision or circumstance are not in a traditional brick and mortar classroom, but wish to pursue US education with an accredited, student-centric institution.

Who is eligible for enrollment?

A: Enrollment is open to all students anywhere in the world that are looking for self-paced global mobility.

What kind of school activities can students get involved in?

A: Our students interact with teachers and other students on discussion boards. We are currently developing social clubs and interest groups within Advantages.

Can adults earn a high school diploma?

A: Yes, we have 2 diplomas that students of any age can earn: General Studies or College Preparatory.

When can I enroll?

A: All of our classes begin monthly so a student can decide to take a class at any time. Students can even enroll in the middle of the school year. If a student has received full semester credit at his current public or private school, he may transfer in and complete the second semester at Advantages. If a student is somewhere in between, special arrangements can be made with the Academic team.

Can a student be enrolled in a regular/traditional middle or high school and Advantages at the same time?

A: Yes. Many students come to Advantages to take courses that are not offered by their school or take extra courses online to get ahead of schedule.  It is the student's responsibility to communicate with their school to ensure the acceptance of online credits.  This is called concurrent enrollment.

Does Advantages grant credit for courses?

A: Absolutely. All courses taken at Advantages Online Private School will be provided the same academic weight as those courses taken at a traditional school.

Who is teaching your courses?

A: All of our courses are taught by licensed teachers who have at least ten years of experience or hold a Masters Degree.

How is a student's progress monitored?

A: All student work and progress can be viewed by the parent, teacher and administrator portals. Each week a progress report is sent via email.

How involved do I need to be as a parent?

A: Since Advantages is not a home school, our teachers are responsible for all record keeping, instruction and grading. However, as educators, we have found that success is directly related to parental involvement. Your student has a better opportunity to succeed when you take part in the educational process.

How are the Advanced Placement courses delivered?

A: These courses are authorized by the College Board and are designed to meet higher education expectations of a college level course. Classes have structured start and end dates to ensure completion for AP national test dates. Students will receive their instruction online via the Internet with expert teachers leading approximately 120 hours of direct instruction and integrated formative, summative and diagnostic assessment.

Is the curriculum appropriate students with special needs?

A: Pre-assessments determine grade levels for each subject. Our curriculum is centered on mastery based learning and self paced study.  After the pre-assessment has been taken, our program prescribes the necessary curriculum to either move past or practice the necessary skills to pass the final assessment. The embedded video and sound further supports visual and auditory learning, in our dynamic learning environment.

How do you work with children who are highly gifted?

A: Families work with their academic advisor and collaborate the best plan to help meet the needs of each student. Advantages has a trained curriculum specialist to create learning plans designed around specific learning styles.

If a student lives in another country, can they attend Advantages even though they are not a U.S. citizen?

A: Students of all ages living abroad and anywhere where they have access to a computer with the internet can enroll in Advantages. In addition, many online international students have successfully graduated from online schools like Advantages and have been able to go on to the college or university of their choice in the United States. Advantages is a private online school without a physical campus therefore we do not issue student visa for study in the United States. It is important that the student can read, write and speak English to take our courses.

What makes Advantages Different?

A: At Advantages, the student is at the center of the learning process. It is our privilege to offer you and your family the best possible educational services, technology, and curriculum. We are dedicated to the success of all students by fostering academic excellence and high achievement. Online courses offer flexibility in scheduling as well as frequent feedback, encouragement and close guidance from highly qualified and trained faculty. We provide one of the most innovative and effective educational experiences available anywhere. See "Why Advantages" comparison chart.

Can I get a GED?

A: Yes. Advantages does offer a GED test prep course. After a pre-assessment, a coursework prescription is given to the student to address deficiencies preparing them for the GED exam. This mastery based program is an independent study program and is available with month to month tuition fees.